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Digital Slit Lamp

The SL-D301 is a classic and economical digital slit lamp with tower illumination especially designed with a stereoscopic converging bio-microscope, with excellent optics of the Galilean type that produces a sharp and clear view.

The halogen illumination and 9 mm field of view in combination with 3 magnification selections (10x, 16x & 25x) assist you in a wide range of screening applications. The SL-D301 is compatible with the optional Topcon DC-4 digital camera which offers you high resolution still imaging and video capabilities with auto exposure and smart capture function.

Key Features

  • Three magnifications; 10x, 16x and 25x
  • Blue filter, Red-free filter, ND filter, UV cut filter and IR cut filter
  • Halogen illumination
  • Galilean optics conversion
  • Topcon DC-4 digital camera compatible
Type Galilean type
Magnification Selection 3 step by drum rotation
Eyepiece 12.5x
Magnification Step 10x / 16x / 25x
Magnification Ration (Field of View) 10x (φ22.5mm)
16x (φ14.1mm)
25x (φ8.8mm)
Diopter Adjustment Range -5D to +5D
Slit Width Continuos from 0 to 9mm (9mm circle)
Slit Length Continuos from 1 to 8mm
Aperture Diameter φ9, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 0.2mm
Slit Direction Vertical to horizontal can be altered gradually
Inclination: 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 deg
Filter Blue filter, Red-free filter, ND filter (13% transmission), UV cut (normal use), IR cut (normal use)
Illumination Lamp Halogen

Not Available

Not Available


Topcon DC-4 Digital Camera

BG-2GN Background Illumination

Yellow Filter

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