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Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

TRC-NW8 is an easy-to-use, non-mydriatic retinal camera designed to obtain high-resolution color and monochrome images of the retina and the anterior segment. The 16.2-megapixel camera provides high-resolution images with a 45° field of view. Nine internal fixation points facilitate the composition of wide-angle views of the retina.

TRC-NW8F adds fluorescein angiography (FA) imaging to the TRC-NW8.

IMAGEnet Capture Software provides an easy-to-use telemedicine color fundus screening package as well as FA testing. A wireless review station allows image review from any connected station.

Key Features

  • Colour, red-free & fluorescein
  • 45° angle available
  • Wide 85° angle of coverage with internal fixation
  • Auto-focus & auto-shoot
  • Panoramic overview with optional mosaic module
  • Small pupil capability down to 3.3mm
  • Anterior support
  • Stereo photography
  • IMAGEnet i-base connection
Angle of Coverage 45°
Working Distance 40.7mm
Photographable Area of Pupil ø4.0mm or more
ø3.3mm or more when the small pupil diaphragm is used
Type of Photography Color photo, Red-free photography**, FA photography
Focus Range to Correct the Refractive Errors of the Patient’s Eye Without correction lens -13D to +12D (Where split lines are used)
With minus correction lens -12D to -33D
With Plus Correction lens +9D to +40D
Auxilliary function for photography Auto Focus Function
Fixation Target Internal / External fixation target can be selected
Internal fixation target:
   Center / Periphery
   Right / Left eye automatic detection
   Optional position presetting function


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