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Henson 9000 / 7000


Detect and manage glaucoma with the Henson 9000 Perimeter

The Henson 9000 is the ideal perimeter for the early detection of glaucoma and the ongoing management of established visual field loss.

The Henson 9000 can be operated remotely, a safe distance from your patients, but for a quicker turnaround between patients, the protection shields are invaluable.

Suitable for all eye care settings, the 9000 combines sensitive, specific and fast suprathreshold glaucoma screening with its unique ZATA threshold algorithm.

Standard, single stimulus suprathreshold screening tests are available, along with faster, patient-preferred, multiple stimulus versions, completely unique to the Henson range. Henson screening programs also give operators the flexibility to customise screening by re-testing missed stimuli and/or extending patterns in-test to rule out false positives with a new level of confidence.

The Henson 9000 also boasts the ZATA threshold algorithm, uniquely able to use prior patient data for the highly accurate measurement of defect progression.

Henson 9000 Henson 7000
Test Specifications:
Visual Field Test Range 60 ° (monocular)/ 160 °(binocular) 30°
Visual Field Testing Distance 25cm 17 cm
Stimulus Intensity (Max.) 10,000 ASB 317 ASB
Background Illumination 31.5 ASB 10 ASB
Stimulus Duration 200 ms
Stimulus Size Goldman III
Test Methods: Standard Automated Perimetry (SAP), white-on-white
Screening tests/patterns:
Suprathreshold – single stimulus 3 levels (26, 68, 136 points) 2 levels (26, 68 points)
Suprathreshold – multiple stimulus 3 levels (26, 68, 136 points) 2 levels (26, 68 points)
Esterman (Driving) Groups 1 and 2 (EU standard) No
Customized Tests Test locations can be manually added to all suprathreshold tests
Threshold tests/patterns:
Zata Standard – threshold central 10-2; 30/24 -2 (extendable in test) No
Zata Fast – threshold central 10-2; 30/24 -2 (extendable in test) No
Averaging testing times:
Suprathreshold – single stimulus ~90 seconds per eye
Suprathreshold – multiple stimulus <60 seconds per eye
ZATA ~4 minutes per eye NA
Fixation Control:
Fixation Target Single or 4-point LED diamond pattern
Heijl-Krakau Yes (ZATA) NA
Video Eye Monitor Yes No
Software Features:
Patient Management Database MS Windows compatible; networkable
Practice Management Integration EMR compatibility (parameter passing and text file)
Languages ENG, CHI, key European languages
Hemifield Analysis Yes NA
Progression Analysis Yes NA
HFA Data Import Yes NA


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