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Optical Biometer & Topography System

The Aladdin HW3.0 is a multi-function instrument that combines a series of measurements to assist eye surgeons in the calculation of IOL power. The Aladdin combines Axial Length, Keratometry, Anterior Chamber Depth, Lens Thickness, Central Corneal Thickness, Corneal Topography, Pupillometry, and Corneal wave-front analysis and Whit-to-white in one single instrument, assisting the Eye Surgeon on the selection of conventional and premium intraocular lenses. Included in the Aladdin software is also the RX/AL Trends – Myopia Module. The Aladdin Myopia Module is a measuring and display program that allows the operator to monitor and display trends and progression of eye parameters that are related to the onset and progression of myopia.

Key Features

  • Point & shoot acquisition: all necessary measurements are taken in under 5 seconds
  • Proven Interferometry technology delivers accurate axial length, lens thickness, and central corneal thickness information
  • 9 Measurements in one single instrument
  • The operator is only 3 clicks away from printing the IOL report
  • Precise IOL power calculation formulae and generic Toric IOL calculator including the Abulafia-Koch astigmatic regression formula
  • On-board Barrett IOL Calculation Suite including the Barrett Rx, The Barrett Toric IOL Calculator, the Barrett True K, and the Barrett Universal II formulae
  • Built-in full Placido topography system offers all the additional diagnostic capabilities of any stand-alone topographer
Axial Length (Interferometry) Super luminescent diode 830Nm,  15 mm – 38 mm
Corneal Radii 5,00 mm – 12.00 mm / 28.00D – 67.50D
ACD Measurement Interferometer 1.5mm – 6.5 mm
WTW Measurement 8.0 mm- 14.0 mm
Pupillometry Dynamic, Photopic & Mesopic, Pupil size 0.5 mm – 10 mm
Lens Thickness (Interferometry) 1.5 mm – 6.5 mm (phakic)
0.5 mm – 3.5 mm (pseudo-phakic)
CCT Measurement (Interferometry) 0.300 mm – 0.800 mm
IOL Formulas Haigis, Hofer Q, Holladay 1, SRK®II & SRK®T, Barrett Universal II, Olsen
Post Refractive Surgery IOL Formula Camellin-Calossi & Shammas (no history), Olsen, Barrett True K
Keratoscopic Cone (Topographic Map) 24 rings on a 43 dpt sphere, working distance 80 mm
Points Analyzed over 100.000
Points Measured over 6.000
Cornea Coverage up to Ø 9.8 mm (on an 8 mm sphere) 42.20D with N=1.3375
Guided Focus System yes
Apical Curvature yes
Apical Gradient of Curvature yes
Symmetry Index yes
Kpi (Keratoconus probability index) yes
Toric IOL Calculator Generic Toric IOL, Oculentis Toric IOL
Zernike Analysis Pupil size 2,5 mm – 7,0 mm
Print to USB printer, Network printer, PDF to shared network folder & PDF to a USB drive
Aladin Reports yes
Measurement Overview yes
Pupillometry yes
IOL yes
Generic Toric IOL yes
Oculentis Toric IOL yes
  • Clinical Papers

    • Biometry, Corneal Topography and Premium IOLs (Combining Corneal Topography with Optical Biometry)

    • The Barrett IOL Calculation Suite and the Aladdin Biometer

    • Advantages of the Aladdin Biometer

    • How this all-in-one optical biometer edged out the IOLMaster in a personal comparison of technologies.

  • Aladdin Leaflets

    • 10 Reasons to Choose Aladdin

  • Sample report

    • Reports Measurement Summary

    • Calculation

    • Reports Generic Toric IOL Calculation

    • Reports Biometry

    • Reports Pupillometry

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