Over the past 25 years, Quantel Medical has been involved in developing and providing state-of-the-art technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of the four major causes of blindness: cataract, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic retinopathy (DR).

Ocular Surface Analyser

  • Complete and quick diagnostic to identify the origin of dry eye
  • 4 non-contact exams complying with the criteria of the TFOS – DEWS 2 report:
    • NIBUT
    • Interferometry
    • Tear meniscus height
    • Meibography
  • Additional exams: blepharitis and demodex imaging, bulbar redness, staining (corneal, conjunctiva and lid margin), pupillometry, white to white measurement, corneal deformation.


  • Diagnose the cause of dry eye earlier
  • Offer patients personalized and effective treatment from the first visit
  • Provide evidence of diagnosis and treatment results
  • Optimize post-surgery results (refractive, cataract)
  • Optimize the comfort of contact lens wearer
  • NIBUT (Non-Invasive Break Up Time)

    Non invasive evaluation of the tear film stability on the cornea

  • Interferometry

    Qualitative & quantitative analysis of the lipid layer

  • Tear Meniscus

    Quantitative analysis of the aqueous layer

  • White to white

    White to White diameter measurement

  • Meibography

    Qualitative & quantitative analysis of the Meibomian glands

  • Staining (fluorescein)

    Evaluation of the cornea, conjonctiva & lid margin dammages

  • Blepharitis

    Evaluation of the blepharitis severity from a grading scale

  • Demodex

    Demodex imaging

  • Bulbar redness

    Evaluation of the bulbar redness severity from a grading scale

  • Pupillometry

    Measurement of the pupil diameter with 3 different intensities of light

  • Clinical Articles

    • All in one automated measurement of ocular surface parameters

    • All-in one automated measurement of ocular surface parameters: interferometry, tear meniscus, non-invasive break-up time and meibography

    • Dry eye in the spotlight



Lacrydiag, Complete Diagnosis of Dry eye


Lacrydiag Tutorial: Introduction

Lacrydiag Tutorial: Software

Lacrydiag Tutorial: Examinations

Lacrydiag Tutorial: Post-Examinations


Interview of Dr. Lazreg - Ocular Surface Analyzer


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PAAO 2019 - TFOS - DEWS II report on the management of dry eye disease

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Examination Table - Compact single-column table, wheelchair accessible

Spacer - In case of use with a slit lamp, spacer if LacryDiag interferes with the head of the patient

Holder - LacryDiag holder in case of use with a slit lamp

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